The Message

08/01/05 - I made up the first verse to leave on someone's answering machine. Then it got a little out of hand. Too bad everyone has voice mail now.

Dan Biemer: Vocals, Accordion
Mark Frey: Tubie
Drums by Tony Morra courtesy of Discrete Drums Inc.

This is the message that I’m leaving
No I’m not leaving I meant the message
The message is not leaving, I am leaving it for you
No the message and I are just good friends

Hey would you mind
Hitting “rewind”
So I can start over again?

This is the message that I left on your machine
That doesn’t mean I stole your bicycle
The message is the subject of this sentence and not me
Not I, I mean, I think that’s more grammatical

Hey would you mind
Reading my mind
Removing the obstacle of words
The obstacle of words

These are the words that make the message
No, I make the message with these words
I don’t make the words, I just select them
From pre-existing lists of nouns and verbs

And on that list
There’s something I missed
I’ve been saying “that” when I mean “which”

This is the message which I’m leaving
The message which I’m leaving on your machine
I’m talking about recording, not graffitti
And not the kind of which from Halloween

Hey would you mind
Closing your eyes
Pretending this all was just a dream

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