ALBUM 1: Fear The Accordion


Produced by Dan Biemer (Supreme Dictator For Life) and Mark Frey (El Tigre Numero Uno).Produced at Somewhat Stately Ambivalent Manor, Squeaky Animal Studio, and Massive Mastering.

Inside photos by Ben Collins-Sussman; Logo from a photo by Martin E. Biemer.
Fleeing citizens appear courtesy of Havana Street.

Special thanks to: Jane Schreiner, Chad Clifford, and the gang at Front Porch Music in Valparaiso, IN; Ben Collins-Sussman and the cooks at red-bean; and the incredibly supportive Nerkies, Shirkses, and Biemerses.

  1. Captain Ambivalent Theme Song
  2. Pizza Girl
  3. Rebecca’s Reindeer-Snowflake Christmas Socks
  4. Heisenberg
  5. Ain’t Got A Clue (PG)
  6. T.B.C.
  7. Haunted By Waffle Houses
  8. I Dreamed That Supermodel Adriana Lima Was An Amish Girl
  9. The Thousand Mile Song
  10. The Message
  11. Frozen Burrito
  12. You Can’t Sing, You’re Ugly, And The Sixties Are Over
  13. Are We There Yet?
  14. World Of Fear
  15. The Ballad of Walnuthead and Shufflefoot I
  16. The Ballad of Walnuthead and Shufflefoot II
  17. Killer Kat
  18. Hey Carrie (PG)
  19. Run, Will Robinson, Run!
  20. The Not So Secret Bonus Track was performed by Ben Collins-Sussman
The Captain's Compendium

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