Stifled by stereotypical song stylings?
Resist The Robot Music Overlords!

“This accordion-rocking Hoosier throws down some tasty rhymes that bridge the gap from the fields of Indiana to the deserts of Tatooine.”

– James Zahn, The Pop Insider Blog

“What nerds mean when they call someone a nerd.”

– Gail Simone
In honor of the Barbie movie, a fresh remix and lyric video for the classic “She Tortures Barbies” (from the Pirate Ninja Zombie album)

Captain Ambivalent songs are short, funny, and genre-smashing. A few popular examples:

Captain Ambivalent Theme Song
Goin’ Jawa Rap – Star Wars Parody
If I Were A Pirate Ninja Zombie
She Tortures Barbies
Miskatonic University Fight Song
The Captain is limiting bookings for 2024 to focus on parent assistance and launching a satirical musical, “Rick Cosmos and the Green Things From Mars!“.

Fear The Accordion?

I’ve heard all the jokes. I’ve made all the jokes. But this is not your typical “accordion music.”

Take a listen, you’ll hear hints of pop, folk, rock, country, punk, bluegrass, banda, prog rock, hip-hop, and musical theater behind the laughs.

The Captain's Compendium

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