The Ballad of Walnuthead and Shufflefoot I

07/15/05 - Another Special Guest hit I stole back from him. This is the original rap version.

Dan Biemer: Vocals, Accordion
Mark Frey: Twoba
Drums by Chris McHugh and Greg Morrow courtesy of Discrete Drums Inc.

They call him Walnuthead
He’s dead
He stalks this night with fright
That’s right, friend
Feelin’ ’round for your headbone
To take it for his own

And while he tries the fit
He puts a walnut on the stump in place of it
Oh, man
And if it don’t fit, he thinks “What the heck?”
And puts the walnut back on his own neck

It’s kind of hard to see
When you’ve got a walnut where your head should be, G
So he’s led around by his homeboy Shufflefoot
Here, Shuffles, take the mic and rap it good

I’m Shufflefoot
I’m the funky ghoul
While he takes your head
I take your left shoe
We haunt the night y’all him and me
Now let me tell you the story of how we came to be

Our party barge was large
That’s right Sarge,
I pushed him overboard
Propeller smashed his gourd,
But I fell over too, it caught my shoe,
That’s why I shuffle like I do

So if you hear me come, you’d better run
I ain’t no slouch, I ain’t no bum
I’ll get you in the night and now my rap is done
I’d give the mic to Walnut but he ain’t got a tongue

I’m talkin’ ’bout
Walnuthead and me
Nasty as they wanna be

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