Ray Is Not The Name Of The Accordion

03/27/12 - Oh, you know my rhymes *are* red-hot

Discrete Drums by Greg Morrow
Everything else by Dan Biemer

Well I see on the computer
We got us an intruder
It could be a dude or
It could be a chick but either way
Get your butts up off the bench, men
I thought you were my henchmen
I’m trying to complete my accordion ray

(The boss has work to do
Here on Terror Island
So he send us for you
Here on Terror Island)

Man, I should’ve sent my robot
Should’ve sent my dinosaur
Should’ve sent my killer robot dinosaur

Well, Hiya
Welcome to my island
What’s with all the spyin?
So my nemesis we meet at last
Now I’ll put you in a death trap
Taunt you with my def rap
Gotta step away but I’ll be back

So listen from your prison to me dissin on your mission
In a minute my assistant will take over while I’m pissin
Terrible spiky wall buzz saw headed for your craw
Laser moving toward your crotch and I can’t bear to watch
So I’ll be back

(The boss has work to do
Here on Terror Island
There’s no escape for you
Here on Terror Island)

But somehow he did escape
Yeah he kissed my assistant and I was betrayed
And the next thing I knew the whole island blew up


So I should’ve used a smaller duct for ventilation
Shouldn’t have put the self destruct next to Interrogation
Shouldn’t have hired a girl named “Linda Sack”
But hey I still escaped and ‘fore you know it I’ll be back!

So dread me
Never gonna get me
What you wanna bet me
Till you Boba Fett me I’ll be back

Had an island and you wrecked it
But I won’t be dejected
When you least expect it I’ll be back

It’ll never be a fair fight
‘Cause you know I’m so like
Your momma said last night I’ll be back

Oh, you know my rhymes are red-hot
Like my killer robot
Just like what my baby got I’ll be back

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