Momba The Radioactive Cat

11/25/06 - Based on a true story.

Discrete Drums by Tony Morra
Everything else by Dan Biemer

She’s Momba The Radioactive Cat
Momba The Radioactive Cat
They injected her with iodine to treat her thyroid gland
She escaped them and now she roams the land

She escaped and she foiled their evil plan
Her atomic breath blew up their secret lab
Now she’s heading off to Toyko, she’s gonna stomp it flat
She’s Momba The Radioactive Cat

First she stomped St. Louis though her feet got kinda gouis
She stomped Kansas City and the other Kansas City
And she de-stroyed Denver, she smashed up San Fran
We all wondered how she planned to get across the ocean

But Momba The Radioactive Cat
Strapped a piece of buttered toast across her back
‘Cause toast lands on the butter side, and cats land on their feet
So she went spinning through the air across the sea

Then she ate Godzilla though he made her kinda ill-a
She ate Godzuki though he almost made her pukie
Took a beet-a Ghidra and a gobble-a Gamorah
It was quite a sight to see I wish I’d brought my camera

Now, here’s a dietary fact
Giant monsters are really high in fat
But if you know what’s good for you you will not mention that
To Momba The Radioactive Cat

‘Cause she munched on Mothra though he tasted pretty aw-flah
She scarfed down Rodin though she came close to explodin’
Then moved on to Megalon in tiny bites ’til he was gone
Then yawned and gave her lips a smack

She’s Momba The Radioactive Cat
Momba The Radioactive Cat

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