What To Eat

10/04/20 - An educational song from the lovely Brunilda and Chompsky in "Captain Ambivalent Is In Denial" virtual Elgin Fringe Festival show.

Well there are so many animals in this world
How do we decide which ones to eat and which to keep as pets
So many you might get confused
So when you do just sing this little tune

Eat the chickens and the hogs but not the dogs
Kittycats are pals but cows are chow
For lizards, frogs, and snakes there’s some debate
And bunnyrabbits are highly problematic

It seems so arbitrary, which ones we love and which we’re eating
I’d be a vegetarian, but studies have shown that plants have feelings
Now you try!

[Eat the dogs but not the chickens or the hogs
Kittycats are chow but cows are pals
For lizards frogs and snakes I just can’t wait
And bunnyrabbits taste great!]

Oh, Chompsky.

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