The Po Song (Star Wars Parody)

08/05/18 - Debuted at GenCon 2018

Who’s the Republic’s greatest foe?
Far worse than Kylo Renn or Snoke?
Hides in plain sight as a super-macho bro
He’s Po, Po, Po!

Who’s gonna waste their bomber fleet?
Who’s gonna stage a mutiny?
Blab over coms ’bout their super-secret scheme?
He’s Po, Po, Po!

No one can bring themselves to blame
The guy with the teletubby name
Who is the one they should really execute
But won’t ’cause the leaders think he’s cute

Thanks to his ego and his lip
They’ve gone from a fleet down to a ship
Is he a First Order spy or just a dip?
He’s Po, Po, Po!

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