Monsters Of Youth

08/01/06 - Inspired by the confession of the guy who faked the famous Loch Ness Monster photo.

Oh Bigfoot, oh Bigfoot, oh where have you gone?
I miss seeing your footprints all over my lawn
Oh Bigfoot, Oh Bigfoot, Oh where did you go?
Did you fly to the sky in a big U.F.O.?

Oh Bigfoot, Oh Bigfoot
Oh Bigfoot, Oh Bigfoot
Now the woods are perfectly safe

Oh Nessie, Oh Nessie, Oh where can you be?
Did you lock up your loch and go boch to the sea?
Oh Nessie, Oh Nessie, where are you today?
Did black helicopters come take you away?

Oh Nessie, Oh Nessie
Oh Nessie, Oh Nessie –
NOw the loch is perfectly safe

Now Bigfoot’s revealed as a guy in a suit
That photograph of Nessie was an old floating boot
And all of the creatures I loved in my youth
Have melted away in the cold light of truth

(Almost as though they’d vanished in the Bermuda Triangle…)

Bermuda Triangle what happened to you?
The men of Flight 19 don’t know what to do
Mysterious region of ships in distress
You ain’t been the same since we got G.P.S.

Oh Bermuda, Oh Bermuda
Bermuda, Oh Bermuda
Bermuda’s perfectly safe
Bermuda’s perfectly safe
Bermuda’s perfectly safe
Bermuda’s perfectly safe!

Come to Bermuda!

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