Song 1.0

08/01/06 - This was my life.

This is Song 1.0
And it really isn’t all that catchy
And the melody is kind of sketchy
And the lyrics only halfway rhyme
But we got it out the door on time

This is Song 1.0
And it shipped without a chorus
Cause our market research showed us
That’s a space in which we can’t compete
So we say choruses are obsolete

This is Song 1.1
And it seems we were mistaken
So we added third party integration
For your chorus functionality
Just plug in ‘Yesterday’ or ‘Let It Be’

Song 1.3 unveils
An exciting new feature we call a bridge
Other songs have had a bridge for years
But we’re still claiming it’s an innovation

And Song 1.4 would fix
The utter lack of rhyming in the bridge
If we could only find a rhyme for ‘bridge’
But I guess we’ll have to push that fix
To Song 1.6

This is Song 1.7.3
And we’ve finally got it groovin’
And there’s nothing more than needs improving
So there’s only one way to go…
Song 2.0
(which changes everything)

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