Never Give Up

02/02/18 - Debuted at "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" Valentine's show at Side Street Studio Arts/Elgin Fringe Festival

They say you should never give up
When the going gets tough the tough get going
Always take the leap of faith
Seize the day live in the moment

They say to believe in yourself
Because every no has a yes inside it
They say you can have your way
If you meditate and you visualize it

This is not your dream though
This is not your cool achievement
This is not your life goal
No No we’re talking ’bout a human being
About a human being

You say that you want to be friends
But do you see friends as a means to an end
Are you looking hard are you listening
Or stuck inside your dream of them

Nothing kills a crush like
Getting to know you better
Nothing kills a crush like
Getting to know you as a human being
As a human being

Sometimes you want to believe
If you try real hard you can make it happen
When you see what you want to see
You can really let a load of crap in
Sometimes you should give up
You should really give up out of respect
When it’s a human being
Sometimes the answer isn’t yes

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