Maybe It’s Just The Snow

12/08/17 - An old holiday classic I just wrote.

It’s that special time of year
Faces have a rosy glow
As though they’re permeated by mysterious radiation
A prelude to invasion
By an undetected foe…
Or maybe it’s just the snow

There’s excitement in the air
A trembling in the ground as though
Technology far in advance of anything on the surface
Is tunneling towards the surface
From a cavern far below…
Or maybe it’s just the snow

Here comes that jolly old elf
Blinking his sightless eyes
Leading the armies of the mole men
Up to be our overlords

The world in solemn stillness lies
Cause mole men track their prey by sound
Their scientists devised precipitating powder
To make our footsteps louder
And facilitate control…
Or maybe it’s just the snow

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