In The Country

07/04/18 - I decided I needed a country song for Elgin's Americana Jubilee.

We’re driving down the back roads late at night
The stars are out, the full moon shining bright
I’m going home with you to meet your family
When suddenly there’s something in our lights

In the country
On the back roads
We’re surrounded
By the werewolves
Hear them howling
I think they’re hungry
Cause they look at us the way you look at me

I keep some silver bullets in the back
To be prepared in case werewolves attack
But you threw them all away when you cleaned the car out
Now why’d you have to do a thing like that?

On the back roads
In the country
I just noticed
Something funny
When’d your knuckles
Get so fuzzy?
I guess we’re home to meet your family

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