Imaginary Eggs

05/28/07 - A song retconned into a prior imaginary band by my previous act, "Special Guest," after Rebecca gave me a small plastic instrument she found in a thrift store. It appears in the one-man show “Laundry Night.”

Imaginary evening of imaginary day
Imagine that we meet in an imaginary way
I say the imaginary thing that I imagine I would say
To get that imaginary look on your imaginary face
Imaginary love at my imaginary place
Then imaginary breakfast with imaginary eggs

Imaginary riches, imaginary power
Imaginary egos build imaginary towers
While imaginary stars go on imaginary dates
With imaginary models with imaginary legs
Meanwhile imaginary chickens and imaginary pigs
Become imaginary breakfast with imaginary eggs

Hey look my way
Imaginary lady ooo
Hey I will make
Imaginary eggs for you

Imaginary lovers, imaginary friends
Imaginary roadies take imaginary bands
On imaginary tours of imaginary lands
To play imaginary nightclubs of imaginary fans
The imaginary number one hit single that they crave?
Imaginary breakfast with imaginary eggs

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