Full Moon Fever

10/04/20 - An offensive Buford P. Wallaby song from "Captain Ambivalent Is In Denial" virtual Elgin Fringe Festival show.

Tonight there’ll be a full moon again
I’ll grow hair places where it’s never been
I might devour the girl who just walked in
No, not you, I meant the other one

I warn you now because you know I might
Become the creature that I’m hungry like
So strap me in a chair like Captain Pike
Not the reboot, I meant the other one

If there is a moral to this song
Don’t do an old-school gypsy lady wrong
Tonight I’ll howl and run around in furs
Because I got that gypsy lady’s curse

She cursed me out because I kind of eyed
Them girls who wear their shorts so low and tight
There’s gonna be a full moon tonight
Not that moon, I meant the other one

The Captain's Compendium

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