Thanks to Brennen Burleson for the “bootleg” video.

Official and Awesome? Official and Awful? OR BOTH AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, with no budget for video production, I went back in time 13 years to exploit my friends’ younger more foolish selves!


Brad Craddock
The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Pickletown
Jack Welch
Tymme Laun
Marg Frey
Special Guest
Mark Frey

South Bend, IN
Michiana’s Rising Star
WNIT Public Television
Fri 08/08/14
“Are We There Yet?” on the season finale 

Once again I didn’t advance in the contest but was comic relief in the finale – and got a surprise interview!

South Bend, IN
Michiana’s Rising Star
WNIT Public Television
Thu 07/31/14
“Eclipsed By Your Behind” 

Thanks to the mysterious time traveller known only as “The Captain”, I was able to bring you video and photos of this performance before it actually happened! But I encourage you to watch the full show and enjoy the amazing talent Michiana has to offer.

South Bend, IN
South Bend Tribune
Tue 04/01/14
“The Hero Song” (with dinosaur) on the “Press Play” video series 
Sun 04/06/14
Sunday print edition photo promoting 4/1 web video 

The South Bend Tribune’s “Press Play” series features live music in front of their printing presses. I think this was a good choice for April Fool’s Day.

South Bend, IN
Variety Lineup $10
South Bend Civic Theatre
702 Portage Avenue
Fri 11/22/13
7:30 PM 
Sat 11/23/13
7:30 PM 

Played to packed houses with “an assortment of off-beat entertainers”:

  • Host Gordy Young and sidekick Joe Haase
  • John Kennedy & Chris O’Brien
  • Comedians Jack Lundorf and Aaron M-G
  • Kem Wati Dancers
  • Kelly Connell
  • Jared Windhauser
  • Shiny Shiny Black
  • and the incomparable Marge Dudeck on piano

Thanks to the South Bend Civic Theatre and Lampkin Magic Productions. In Act 1, I did “Captain Ambivalent” and “The Thousand Mile Song.” The first live video I’m aware of showing the costume.