A Mysterious Codger from a future dimension tells the tale of Captain Ambivalent’s lifelong quest to become a hero of some kind, until on a night like tonight many years ago he played an accordion solo so awesome it shattered the space-time continuum and he was eaten by a dinosaur. Journey through romantic, corporate, and cultural ambivalence with original witty songs from the albums “Fear The Accordion” and “Pirate Ninja Zombie.” Also, my sister’s Barbies. And a mad scientist. And a dinosaur!

“…packed with wit…” – Jay Harvey Upstage
“…never lets up on the clever wordplay.” – NUVO
“…amazingly funny songs, wild costumes, and wonderfully cheesy props.” – Plays with John and Wendy

Available in 30 min, 55 min, and 75 min (two act) versions.


Technical Requirements

Captain Ambivalent’s self-contained portable multimedia sound system handcart is good for up to 75 person venues. Larger venues require a HDMI projection system input, vocal mic, and 1/4″ accordion pickup input at the stage. Bernie the dinosaur (not to be confused with any other purple dinosaur) requires a 10 foot cube of space to operate safely. Sound system/dinosaur require at least one grounded electrical outlet near the stage.

Multimedia Cart
Bernie the Dinosaur
The Captain's Compendium

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