Greetings, loyal citizens! In these dark times when our underground complex is increasingly infiltrated by secret mutants from the deadly wasteland outside our armor-plated walls, no weapon is more fearsome than the accordion. And no one wields an accordion more fearsomely than Captain Ambivalent.

Prior to falling asleep back in 2016 and suddenly waking up in our era, Captain Ambivalent was an internationally obscure satirical songwriter based in Chicago/Northwest Indiana Sector, battling market forces through coffee houses, art galleries, alternative theaters, Fringe Festivals, PierogiFest, GenCon, even a brief uncredited cameo on America’s Got Talent. He performed “Pirate Ninja Zombie: The Not So Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent” at Three Brothers in 2014 and 2015.

The Captain was blissfully unaware that hordes of mutants from the deadly wasteland outside our armor-plated walls were slipping through the airlocks and infiltrating every level of society. In his search to understand how we got to this point, he looked to films like Metropolis and Star Wars, 1980s fear culture, corporations, arts, troll farms, automation, and a role playing game called “Paranoia.”

The Computer has now ordered him to explain everything in song to you, the heroic survivors of the amnesia gas incident on level 12. In order to serve you better, Captain Ambivalent will be assisted and closely monitored for treason and quality assurance by The Computer’s avatar Binky until such time as he can be replaced by a robot.

Report to your re-education pods for sidesplitting musical madness!

“The Captain returns taking on mutants, corporations, aliens, and student loans. … Captain Ambivalent’s catchy songs and clever insights will have you saying to yourself ‘oh yeah, that’s right’ before he moves on to the next part of his nerdy tale. A crowd-pleaser with an accordion, this show is definitely worth seeing…” – Elgin Walkabout

“… a rollicking, entertaining hour full of lots of great music and lots of family-friendly fun.” – Plays With John and Wendy Blog

“The show is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at the American Landscape since we all fell asleep one night in 2016 and awakened in disbelief, confusion, and despair…The Show isn’t about the costume, the accordion (very well-played), vocals, or accompanying sound track and visuals. It’s about the lyrics. And that’s why you should go and listen to this show.” – IndyFringe Talks Blog

Available in 30 min, 50 min, and 75 min (two act) versions.
(previously titled “Happy Fun Time At The Complex” and “The Dark Nut Rises: The Grim And Gritty Reboot of Captain Ambivalent”; ACT II previously titled “Replaced By A Robot.”)

Musical Numbers


  1. The Computer Is Your Friend
  2. Captain Ambivalent Theme Song
  3. Everything
  4. The Time Travel Paradox Song
  5. History Of The Future
  6. Goin’ Jawa Rap
  7. Stop Taking My Hand
  8. Killer Kat
  9. Haunted By Waffle Houses
  10. World Of Fear
  11. Crazy Picasso-Eyed Lady
  12. Girl I Love You So Much (A Biblical Love Song)
  13. Student Debt
  14. I Want To Cuddle Up With A Corporation
  15. No One Intends The Unintended Consequences
  16. The Dark Nut Rises
  17. Binky: The Hand That Shook The World


  1. Replaced By A Robot
  2. Song 1.0
  3. The Message
  4. The Robots Are Your Friends (reprise)
  5. Momba The Radioactive Cat
  6. Be Glad You’re Not A Bone-Eating Snotworm
  7. Alien Love Song
  8. Ray Is Not The Name Of The Accordion
  9. Irv!
  10. On The Internet