Do you find sometimes real life’s too hard to face? Escape to the fantasy world of Captain Ambivalent as he shares his songs, his toys, his imaginary friends, and his privilege to ignore everything bad! With Americana artist Buford P. Wallaby, Guy Slimey, Creepy David Bowie, and more!

A physically distant video production where a dozen characters, camera, sound, direction, and production are all Dan and some Very Special Effects.

Musical Numbers

  1. Back Again (from “Rick Cosmos And The Green Things From Mars”) – Dan with Ensemble
  2. Captain Ambivalent Theme Song
  3. The Thousand Mile Song
  4. Everything
  5. Pizza Girl
  6. Captain Ambivalent Is In Denial – with chorus
  7. The Ghost Of The Motor Court Motel – Buford P. Wallaby
  8. The House Of Memory – Buford P. Wallaby
  9. The Defects Inside – Buford P. Wallaby
  10. In The Country – Buford P. Wallaby
  11. Full Moon Fever – Buford P. Wallaby
  12. My Love Is Like A Porkchop – Buford P. Wallaby
  13. My Male Ego
  14. She Tortures Barbies – with Chompsky
  15. Around the World In 12 Bananas – with Brunilda
  16. Are We There Yet?
  17. Creepy David Bowie (Labyrinth parody)
  18. Are You Blue – Young Dan
  19. What To Eat – Brunilda with Chompsky
  20. I Am The Most Sexy Man In Your Life – Guy Slimey (and Maurice)
  21. Spanish Song – Guy Slimey (and Maurice)
  22. The Bodily Function Song – Guy Slimey (and Maurice)
  23. Lovely Russian Ladies – Guy Slimey Jr. (and Maurice) with Ensemble