Do you find sometimes real life’s too hard to face? Escape to the fantasy world of Captain Ambivalent as he shares his comedy songs, his imaginary friends’ comedy songs, his toys, and his denial.

“…amazingly funny songs, wild costumes, and wonderfully cheesy props.” – Plays with John and Wendy

This show was created under “stay at home orders” for the 2020 Elgin Fringe Festival to be an essentially live solo performance experience with some very special effects.

Preview Trailer


“Do you like to laugh? Or I suppose (considering what’s been happening over the last few months), the better question would be, “Do you even remember what it’s like to laugh?” Well, Captain Ambivalent would like to remind you! In fact, before watching this show, be sure to warm up your cheek muscles because they’ll be getting a workout. A returning EFF favorite, Captain Ambivalent makes this virtual performance one to remember with a hysterical mix of new songs and old favorites. If you’ve been to any of the Captain’s past shows, you know that costume changes and characters are a big part of the draw. Being able to prerecord his set allows Cap to continue the costumed madness while also bringing in some charmingly lo-fi video effects that ramp up the funny.

Yet, as always, it’s the songs that are the real star of the show here. Captain Ambivalent is often compared to artists like “Weird” Al and They Might Be Giants. And while those comparisons are apt in that Captain Ambivalent’s songs limn big themes like consumerism, gender, loss of innocence, and environmentalism while wrapped in a deceptive cocoon of silliness and whimsy, it’s also true that Dan Biemer (CA’s civilian alter ego) is a one-of-a-kind voice and these songs couldn’t have come from anyone else. If your idea of a good time is an evening of whip-smart comic songs filtered through the lens of nerd culture and accompanied by a golden accordion, look no further; you have found what you’re looking for.” -Jamey Bouwmeester, Elgin Fringe Festival reviewer

Musical Numbers

  1. Back Again (from “Rick Cosmos And The Green Things From Mars”) – Dan with Ensemble
  2. Captain Ambivalent Theme Song
  3. The Thousand Mile Song
  4. Pizza Girl
  5. Captain Ambivalent Is In Denial – with chorus
  6. The House Of Memory – Buford P. Wallaby
  7. In The Country – Buford P. Wallaby
  8. Full Moon Fever – Buford P. Wallaby
  9. My Love Is Like A Porkchop – Buford P. Wallaby
  10. She Tortures Barbies – with Chompsky
  11. Around the World In 12 Bananas – with Brunilda
  12. Are We There Yet?
  13. Creepy David Bowie (Labyrinth parody)
  14. Are You Blue – Young Dan
  15. What To Eat – Brunilda with Chompsky
  16. I Am The Most Sexy Man In Your Life – Guy Slimey (and Maurice)
  17. Spanish Song – Guy Slimey (and Maurice)
  18. The Bodily Function Song – Guy Slimey (and Maurice)
  19. Lovely Russian Ladies – Guy Slimey Jr. (and Maurice) with Ensemble

About Captain Ambivalent

Captain Ambivalent is a satirical songwriting superhero with a sparkly accordion, cape, and boots. His glacial rise from total obscurity to semi-obscurity began at the Front Porch Music open mic in Valparaiso Indiana and has grown to include Doctor Demento, The Midnight Special, South Bend Public Television, PierogiFest, the Gen Con gaming convention, one-man shows in Fringe Festivals and alternative theaters, and even a brief cameo on America’s Got Talent.

The Captain’s not-so-secret identity, Dan Biemer, grew up in Louisville, KY then spent 20 years as a Litigation Support paralegal in Chicago before un-selling out to fight criminally boring music. His songs are comic takes on the entire human condition with a special fondness for the nerdy bits.


Special thanks to Jen and Henry for a couple of key toys, and to Final Cut Pro for a long free trial.

The Captain's Compendium

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