ALBUM 3: Save The Orcs – EP

Debuted in the halls of GenCon and National Association of Crazed Gamers (Nascrag) awards ceremony Aug 19th 2017!

“This accordion-rocking Hoosier throws down some tasty rhymes that bridge the gap from the fields of Indiana to the deserts of Tatooine.” – James Zahn, The Pop Insider Blog


  1. Save The Orcs – DnD Parody
  2. Dungeon Master’s Lament – DnD Parody
  3. Going Back To Town – Computer RPG Parody
  4. Miskatonic University Fight Song – Lovecraft Parody
  5. My Baby Is A B-Movie Zombie
  6. The Time Travel Paradox Song
  7. History Of The Future
  8. The Computer Is Your Friend – Paranoia Parody
  9. Goin’ Jawa Rap – Star Wars Parody
  10. Stop Taking My Hand – Star Wars Parody
The Captain's Compendium

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