Pittsburgh, PA
One-Man Show Tickets $15/$12
Pittsburgh Fringe / Artist Image Resources
518 Foreland St.
Fri 03/31/17
6:15 PM 
Sat 04/01/17
1:00 PM 
Sun 04/02/17
8:00 PM 
Pittsburgh In The Round
Sat 04/01/17 “Friday Fringe at AIR” review
Pittsburgh In The Round
Wed 04/05/17 “Unpredictable Treasure: The Fringe Fest Day 3” review

The musical true story of my glacial rise from obscurity to international obscurity! From the Dawn of my Downy youth, I struggled to get the songs inside outside. But when I gave up on a “normal” Win and Dashed Briskly to Gain a More Bold Biz Method, I Surfed a Tide of Joy! 2016 Elgin Fringe Festival Audience Favorite Award.

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