One-Man Show $5.00 for 48 hour rental; Festival Pass all shows for $50
Elgin Finge Festival – Virtual Edition
Fri 09/04/20
– Sun 10/04/20 Any time on your device 
Tue 11/10/20
– Thurs 12/31/20 Extended Run! 
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Sun 10/04/20 
Elgin Finge Festival – Virtual Edition Musical guest for Facebook Live Closing Party and Awards Ceremony
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Thu 09/03/20 Advance publicity
Art On The Air
Fri 09/11/20 Spotlight interview
Elgin Finge Festival – Virtual Edition
Mon 09/21/20 Interview on Facebook Live

In a socially distant world beset by evil, one singing superhero has the courage and the privilege to stay inside and play with toys! Do you find sometimes real life’s too hard to face? Escape to the fantasy world of Captain Ambivalent as he shares his songs, his toys, his imaginary friends, and his privilege to ignore everything bad! With imaginary guest artists Buford P. Wallaby, Guy Slimey, Creepy David Bowie, and more!

A call went out for Elgin Fringe artists to share “reaction shots” watching other artists’ shows, a call which I (and I alone) embraced possibly a little too whole-heartedly.

The Captain's Compendium

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