Elgin, IL Variety Lineup

Americana Jubilee!

Elgin Fringe Festival - 15 Ziegler Court
Wed 07/04/18 10:00 AM

Side Street Studio Arts, Blue Box Cafe, City of Elgin-Government, City Services and Community News, and Elgin Fringe Festival, with the support of Kirkpatrick, Jones & Herzog Insurance Agency, Inc. and the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin IL, are hosting the 5th Annual Americana Jubilee following the City of Elgin 4th of July Parade.

There will be fun and sweetness for the whole family, including a bake-off, a pie eating contest, a visual art exhibition, free kids activities, and… me!

New Song Lyrics: Outside
06/10/18 - Created for the documentary "Uncle Fun: You're The One" by Laura Force Scruggs.
Chicago, IL Personal Appearance

“Uncle Fun: You’re The One” Documentary Screening

Chicago Filmmakers - 5720 N. Ridge Ave (enter from Hollywood) - $8.00
Sun 06/10/18 11:30 AM
Sun 06/10/18 2:00 PM
Sun 06/10/18 7:00 PM

I have an original song and some other music bits in this documentary by Laura Force Scruggs about the iconic late Chicago novelty and toy store and the magic man behind it, which everyone near Chicago should go see.

The running time is exactly one hour. There will also be a Q & A after each screening with Laura Force Scruggs, Uncle Fun, and Executive Producer and Sound Editor Jake Scruggs which will be recorded on their “Are You Famous, Yet?” podcast.

Chicago, IL Media Appearance

“The Midnight Special” with Rich Warren

Sat 04/14/18 WFMT’s “The Midnight Special” played “Heisenberg”

Captain Ambivalent went to sleep back in 2016 and woke up in this underground complex full of secret mutants and traitors controlled by an insane computer with no idea how we got there! And now, he’s been assigned to explain it all in song to you, the heroic survivors of the amnesia gas incident on level 12. Report to your re-education pods for a sidesplitting musical history of the future, the eighties, student debt, unintended consequences, and being replaced by a robot.

“The Captain returns taking on mutants, corporations, aliens, and student loans. … Captain Ambivalent’s catchy songs and clever insights will have you saying to yourself ‘oh yeah, that’s right’ before he moves on to the next part of his nerdy tale. A crowd-pleaser with an accordion, this show is definitely worth seeing…” – Elgin Walkabout

“… a rollicking, entertaining hour full of lots of great music and lots of family-friendly fun.” – Plays With John and Wendy Blog

“The show is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at the American Landscape since we all fell asleep one night in 2016 and awakened in disbelief, confusion, and despair…The Show isn’t about the costume, the accordion (very well-played), vocals, or accompanying sound track and visuals. It’s about the lyrics. And that’s why you should go and listen to this show.” – IndyFringe Talks Blog

Available in 30 min, 50 min, and 75 min (two act) versions.
(previously titled “Happy Fun Time At The Complex” and “The Dark Nut Rises: The Grim And Gritty Reboot of Captain Ambivalent”; ACT II previously titled “Replaced By A Robot.”)

Three Oaks, MI Media Appearance

Acorn Theater Open Mic Night

Sun 02/04/18 Harbor County News Photo in “A Lighthearted Open Mic Night”
New Song Lyrics: Never Give Up
02/02/18 - Debuted at "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" Valentine's show at Side Street Studio Arts/Elgin Fringe Festival

The musical good, bad, and ugly of Dan’s early romantic density. Can he really see the future? Or was he just warped by “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”?

30 minutes.