Facebook Live Media Appearance

Project Zongo Telethon

Sun 10/06/19 Project Zongo telethon at Facebook Live

Three years ago, a law-student at Valparaiso University named Yusif Bandaogou asked Paul Schreiner to help him improve the lives of his community in the Zongos of Accra, Ghana (in West Africa). Yusif wanted to take his vision of a better life that he experienced in Valparaiso back to the Zongos by building three story, modern residences, with interior bathrooms and kitchens, each one being 550 square feet to displace the 175 square foot single rooms in which his family and neighbors had been occupying since the early 20th century. And so, Project Zongo was born.

Michigan City, IN One-Man Show

Fear The Accordion

The Nest - 803 Franklin St - FREE thanks to Michigan City Mainstreet Association
Sat 10/05/19 7:00 PM “Fear The Accordion” two act version

Greetings, loyal citizens of Michigan City Sector! In these dark times when our underground complex is increasingly infiltrated by secret mutants from the deadly wasteland outside our armor-plated walls, no weapon is more fearsome than the accordion. And no one wields an accordion more fearsomely than Captain Ambivalent.

In his Computer-mandated effort to explain how we got to this point, he looks to film classics like Metropolis, Star Wars, and Robocop, 1980s fear culture, and a role playing game called “Paranoia,” and discovers he may have had a little hand in The Complex himself.

Report to your re-education pods for sidesplitting musical madness!

Michigan City, IN Open Mic Feature

Every Kind Of Talent Show

The Nest - 803 Franklin St - Pay What You Will
Sat 09/21/19 7:00 PM Hosting Captain Ambivalent’s Every Kind Of Talent Show

A dark and stormy night with an unfortunate last-minute cancellation and no-show, but it made us appreciate Joel Brussell, Melissa Dittmann, and Mike O all the more.

Elgin, IL Concert

Save The Orcs Benefit Concert

Elgin Fringe Festival – Blue Box Cafe - 176 E Chicago St. - FREE with Fringe Button (donations encouraged)
Fri 09/13/19 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Save The Orcs “Benefit”
Media Coverage
Thu 08/29/19 “Elgin Fringe Festival is all about seeing, hearing something new” at Elgin Courier-News
Tue 09/03/19 “More than 100 performances set for ‘innovative, uncurated’ Elgin Fringe Festival” at Daily Herald
Tue 09/03/19 “Fringe Festival returns to Elgin this weekend with new venues and new events” at Elgin Courier-News

Celebrities have a strong irresponsibility to misinform the public about unimportant issues, and I take that irresponsibility quite unseriously! All donations will be gleefully embezzled by me. Help stop the ongoing orcish genocide!


Every Kind Of Talent Show

A truly epic evening with Janet Beutner, Jonathan Root, Merle and Suzanne Miller, Mitch Gregory, The Nest/Dancing Feet Yoga Rhythm Collective, Mike O, Joel Brussell, and Laura Scruggs! (Also Gollum, Sam, and Frodo.)

Chicago, IL Variety Lineup

Cabaret On The Lake

Berger Park Coach House - 6205 N Sheridan Road - FREE
Fri 08/09/19 7:30 PM Three Cat Poductions’ Cabaret On The Lake

A free, monthly variety show giving singers, storytellers, comedians, performance artists, musicians, dancers, poets, and solo artists of every type a place to develop their work.

Indianapolis, IN Concert

Gen Con!

Gen Con - 100 South Capitol Avenue
Sat 08/03/19 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Roving Entertainer
Sat 08/03/19 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Exhibit Hall Stage
Sat 08/03/19 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM Crossroads Stage
Sat 08/03/19 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Roving Entertainer
Sun 08/04/19 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Roving Entertainer
Sun 08/04/19 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM Exhibit Hall Stage
Sun 08/04/19 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Roving Entertainer

Hey, if you’re a Con-goer who likes my sense of humor, check out the tournament by the National Society of Crazed Gamers aka

I played at their awards ceremony again.

Valparaiso, IN Variety Lineup

Front Porch Music Festival VII

Central Park Plaza - 63 Lafayette Street - $15 adults / $5 kids
Sun 07/28/19 3:00 PM – 9:30 PM Front Porch Music Festival
Media Coverage
Sat 07/27/19 “Front Porch Music staff rallies to rock in the park” at Northwest Indiana Times

A beautiful summer day with the many talented students, teachers, and friends of Front Porch Music!

Michigan City, IN Open Mic Feature

Captain Ambivalent’s Every Kind Of Talent Show

The Nest - 803 Franklin St - Pay What You Will
Sat 07/20/19 7:00 PM Hosting Captain Ambivalent’s Every Kind Of Talent Show

A hot summer night with Mike O, Joel Brussell, and the story of my glacial rise from obscurity to international obscurity.