Chicago, IL
Open Mic Feature
Abbey Pub Green Room
3420 W. Grace
Tue 08/13/13
9:00 PM 

I played four songs along with four other finalists who were all really good. Plus, half price burgers!

Valparaiso, IN
Variety Lineup $10 Minimum Donation $5 for Kids under 12
Central Park Plaza
63 Lafayette Street
Sun 08/04/13
3:00 PM 
89.1 FM The Lakeshore
Fri 07/26/13 “Captain Ambivalent Theme Song” played during interview with Chad Clifford about the First Annual Front Porch Music Festival
Open Mic Nights Give Local Talent a Chance to Shine
Mon 08/05/13 “Front Porch Festival unites music lovers”

Live in Central Park, just like Simon & Garfunkel! Only in Valparaiso. I was privileged to be part of the incredible variety of talent represented by Front Porch Music teachers, employees, and students at the first annual Front Porch Music Festival (Porchapalooza!) at the still-pretty-new outdoor stage downtown.

3 – 4:20 Garage bands
4:25 – 4:40 John Derado & Ronn Barany
4:45 – 5:00 Captain Ambivalent
5:05 – 5:20 Carolyn & Pancho Rodea
5:25 – 5:40 EJ/Colleen
5:45 – 6 Beth Newman
6:05 – 6:20 Mami Matsuda
6:25 -6:40 Shades of Gray
6:45- 7 The Day Nine
7:05-7:30 Chris & Lou w/Mike Ferri
7:35-8 Freek Johnson
8:05- 8:30 The Unit
8:35 -9:15 Head Honchos
9:20-10 Crawpuppies

South Bend, IN
Michiana’s Rising Star
WNIT Public Television
Fri 08/02/13
“Everything” on the season finale of “Michiana’s Rising Star” 

The “PC” stands for “Producers’ Choice”, unusual acts eliminated by the judges invited back by the producers. It was an honor to be included among such wonderful actual talent. All three finalists were amazing in three very different ways – glad I didn’t have to pick!

LaPorte, IN
Open Mic Feature
Temple News Agency
816 Jefferson Avenue
Mon 07/08/13
7:00 PM 

Returned to the Temple News Agency and a fantastic crowd of appreciative poets. I was sorry to see the building and business are up for sale and hope it can continue under new ownership.

South Bend, IN
Tip Jar
Chicory Cafe
105 East Jefferson Blvd
Fri 06/14/13
7:00 PM With Caleb Hawkins 

I learned my natural “sound system” can fill a cafe and bring people in off the street, finally perfected The Terror’s costume, and continued development of the Henchmatronic.

Chicago, IL
Uncommon Ground on Devon
1401 W Devon Ave
Wed 06/12/13
8:00 PM With Caleb Hawkins and Laura Joy 

The Henchmatronic 3000 (beta) debuted during a severe storm warning.