Valparaiso, IN Pre-Costume Concert

Front Porch Music with Wry Gizmo

Front Porch Music - 505 E. Lincolnway - $10
Fri 02/02/07 8:00 PM

This show turned out to be the coldest night of the year so we didn’t quite sell out. I loved sitting in on a Gizmo tune and having them back me up on the Ballad of Walnuthead and Shufflefoot. It’s too bad they disbanded shortly after.

New Song Lyrics: Irv!
02/02/07 - A one man musical based on the life of Irv Kaputnik, inventor of dental floss. Extensively researched.
New Song Lyrics: World Of Fear
12/01/06 - This one came about after reading one too many special interest political fund raising mailings.
New Song Lyrics: History Of The Future
08/01/06 - I wrote this after seeing an old Buck Rodgers movie from the '30s on DVD. Their unimaginable future was in the 1990's. They had tiny rocket packs, but their radio was the size of a suitcase, and the spaceship sound effects really were propellor planes - jets hadn't been invented yet.
New Song Lyrics: Polyester
08/01/06 - This song became a video trio with Special Guest and Bernie the Dinosaur, the finale for my one-man show "Laundry Night."