Nashville, IN Pre-Costume Concert

YMCA Open House

Brown County YMCA -
Thu 01/24/08 9:00 AM

This was a morning benefit at the YMCA open house to recruit new members.

Portage, IN Pre-Costume Concert

Portage, IN Art Fair

Portage Art Fair -
Sat 09/29/07 1:00 PM

A very relaxing outdoor show.

Valparaiso, IN Pre-Costume Concert

Espress Yourself with G’s Livid Penny

Espress Yourself Coffee Shop -
Sat 09/01/07 7:00 PM

Unfortunately this place has since closed. It contained the original Crazy Picasso-Eyed Lady.

New Song Lyrics: Imaginary Eggs
05/28/07 - A song retconned into a prior imaginary band by my previous act, "Special Guest," after Rebecca gave me a small plastic instrument she found in a thrift store. It appears in the one-man show “Laundry Night.”
Valparaiso, IN Pre-Costume Concert

Front Porch Music with Wry Gizmo

Front Porch Music - 505 E. Lincolnway - $10
Fri 02/02/07 8:00 PM

This show turned out to be the coldest night of the year so we didn’t quite sell out. I loved sitting in on a Gizmo tune and having them back me up on the Ballad of Walnuthead and Shufflefoot. It’s too bad they disbanded shortly after.

New Song Lyrics: Irv!
02/02/07 - A one man musical based on the life of Irv Kaputnik, inventor of dental floss. Extensively researched.
New Song Lyrics: World Of Fear
12/01/06 - This one came about after reading one too many special interest political fund raising mailings.