Virtual Concert

This Time The Hallways Are Virtual!

Gen Con Online
Thu 07/30/20 – Sun 08/02/2020 Virtual exhibit hall “Looking Glass”

In between online events or on your way to the virtual exhibit hall, check out my special Virtual Roving Entertainer playlist on either YouTube or Spotify! (Yeah, I’m calling that a “virtual concert.”)


(Just close your eyes and imagine the golden sequins…)


I Do Not Work For The CIA

Created for the virtual open stage at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery, Hammond IN.

Michigan City, IN Open Mic Feature

Fourth Friday at Footlight

Footlight Players - 1705 Franklin St. - Free to listen, $2 to perform
Fri 01/24/20 7:00 PM Hosting and 30 minute set

Featured Artist at an open mic on a theater stage! Lots of great talent. I debuted a new Bass EQ pedal which gave the left hand a much fuller sound and made me happy.

Michigan City, IN Open Mic Feature

Every Kind Of Talent Show

The Nest - 803 Franklin St - Pay What You Will
Sat 12/21/19 7:00 PM Hosting and 30 minute set

A lovely evening with Peter the Ukelele guy from South Bend, and a big group of audience from Wheeler in addition to Michigan City regulars, as we celebrated the necessary addition of dinosaurs to Christmas and Hannukah.

Chicago, IL Variety Lineup

South Specific: Personal Storytelling On The South Side

Beverly Area Planning Association - 1987 W. 111th St. - $10
Fri 11/22/19 8:00 PM Part of “South Specific: Personal Storytelling on the South Side”
Media Coverage
Wed 09/18/19 “Best Of The South Side 2019” (re "South Specific" series in general) at South Side Weekly

Rode the emotional rollercoaster that is “Propellor Beanie Chicken: The Song, The Story”! With storytellers Grace Kuikman, David Boyle, and Madeline O’Malley.