Old School Text Adventure Game Media Appearance

Old School Computer Text Adventure

Mon 03/26/12 People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction victory song at end of text adventure game “Narrow Your Eyes”

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the TMBG album Apollo 18, the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction has released a “tribute album” of interactive games, one for each track on the original album at http://pr-if.org/event/apollo-18/.

My friends Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman wrote “Narrow Your Eyes.” You’ll want an interpreter that handles both sound and graphics, such as Spatterlight for Mac, Glulxe for Windows, or Gargoyle for Linux. Make sure you have earphones on it you’re playing it stealthily at your cubicle.

Harbor County, MI Media Appearance

Radio! WRHC-LP

Fri 03/16/12 WRHC-LP Acorn Theater open mic broadcast

I took the open mic tour to Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI this week and you could hear the results on Mike Cortson’s “Mike’s Open Mic!” program. I went third and played Captain Ambivalent, Pizza Girl, Are We There Yet, and The Thousand Mile Song.


Louisville, Kentucky!

The “open mic tour” continued in Louisville with Sunday night “Church on the Rocks” at The Monkey Wrench hosted by Troubadours of Divine Bliss and Monday night at the Corner Door (mere blocks from the house I grew up in) hosted by Alanna Fugate. There are so many welcoming, talented people in the world. Monkey wrench gets the award for the loudest appreciative response yet and I hope to return to Corner Door for a split bill performance later this year.

Both places I opened with the Captain Ambivalent theme song and closed with the Thousand Mile Song; at Monkey Wrench I also played “I Dreamed That Supermodel Adriana Lima Was An Amish Girl” and “Are We There Yet”; at Corner Door I played “Pizza Girl.” Extra special thanks to the Bard In Blue for buying CDs at both venues!

Sticker Dude

New York City! (Part 2)

People had *much* bigger carry-ons. And boy is it easier to backpack an accordion than lug a hard case around!

The only problem was a stuck note on the right hand keyboard – one of the felt pads that keeps the note from sounding until you press the key came off, but was relatively easily glued back. From now on I’m always carrying tiny screwdrivers and glue tape.

I hit three very different venues within walking distance of each other and my hotel:

1/29/2012: Common Ground
1/30/2012: Caffe Vivaldi
1/31/2012: Penny’s Open Mic

They were all good, interesting, and fun, but my personal favorite was Caffe Vivaldi. Every musician there blew me away. And Sticker Dude gave me this cool image.


New York City!

I’m heading to the Big Apple for day job reasons 1/29 through 2/1, and thought, what the heck, why not check out the open mic scene there?

Well, taking an accordion on a plane. Radical temperature and pressure changes make them unhappy. After some furious measuring and internet searching, I believe I found a padded bag that will let my small travel accordion (the “mini-me” to the Accordion of Gold) fit within Southwest carryon size limits. I’ll let you know how it goes.