Michigan City, IN One-Man Show

Fear The Accordion

The Nest - 803 Franklin St - FREE thanks to Michigan City Mainstreet Association
Sat 10/05/19 7:00 PM “Fear The Accordion” two act version

Greetings, loyal citizens of Michigan City Sector! In these dark times when our underground complex is increasingly infiltrated by secret mutants from the deadly wasteland outside our armor-plated walls, no weapon is more fearsome than the accordion. And no one wields an accordion more fearsomely than Captain Ambivalent.

In his Computer-mandated effort to explain how we got to this point, he looks to film classics like Metropolis, Star Wars, and Robocop, 1980s fear culture, and a role playing game called “Paranoia,” and discovers he may have had a little hand in The Complex himself.

Report to your re-education pods for sidesplitting musical madness!