Michigan City, IN One-Man Show

Fear The Accordion

The Nest - 803 Franklin St - FREE thanks to Michigan City Mainstreet Association
Sat 10/05/19 7:00 PM

Greetings, loyal citizens of Michigan City Sector! In these dark times when our underground complex is increasingly infiltrated by secret mutants from the deadly wasteland outside our armor-plated walls, no weapon is more fearsome than the accordion. And no one wields an accordion more fearsomely than Captain Ambivalent.

In his Computer-mandated effort to explain how we got to this point, he looks to film classics like Metropolis, Star Wars, and Robocop, 1980s fear culture, and a role playing game called “Paranoia,” and discovers he may have had a little hand in The Complex himself.

Report to your re-education pods for sidesplitting musical madness!