Almost In Time For Holiday Giving… The Captain Ambivalent CD!

After many years of effort the mixing is finally done! Mastering and replication is under way, and soon everyone will be talking about the hot new genre of Oom-Punk. “But Captain! I wanted to give your CDs as generic winter holiday gifts to my significant and/or insignificant others!” Well, straw inquirer, your hypothetical problem is solved – just print out this handy 4.75″ x 4.75″ graphic, slip it inside the case of a Brand X CD, wrap, and give! Then watch this space for info on how to actually buy when the disks are ready.

Valparaiso, IN Media Appearance

Radio! WVLP-LP

Sun 11/13/11 WVLP-LP variety lineup on Best of Front Porch Open Mic program

My radio debut as part of a radio version of Front Porch’s open mic. I did kinda overload the mics a bit. Oh, well.


Web Site Remodeling

I took a small vacation from mixing to overhaul the web site.  Please pardon the dust. Songs are just lyrics for now, though I hope to add some crummy live recordings as a podcast very soon.