Sticker Dude
New York City! (Part 2)

People had *much* bigger carry-ons. And boy is it easier to backpack an accordion than lug a hard case around!

The only problem was a stuck note on the right hand keyboard – one of the felt pads that keeps the note from sounding until you press the key came off, but was relatively easily glued back. From now on I’m always carrying tiny screwdrivers and glue tape.

I hit three very different venues within walking distance of each other and my hotel:

1/29/2012: Common Ground
1/30/2012: Caffe Vivaldi
1/31/2012: Penny’s Open Mic [alas, no more.]

They were all good, interesting, and fun, but my personal favorite was Caffe Vivaldi. Every musician there blew me away. And Sticker Dude gave me this cool image.

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