Louisville, Kentucky!

The “open mic tour” continued in Louisville with Sunday night “Church on the Rocks” at The Monkey Wrench hosted by Troubadours of Divine Bliss and Monday night at the Corner Door (mere blocks from the house I grew up in) hosted by Alanna Fugate. There are so many welcoming, talented people in the world. Monkey wrench gets the award for the loudest appreciative response yet and I hope to return to Corner Door for a split bill performance later this year.

Both places I opened with the Captain Ambivalent theme song and closed with the Thousand Mile Song; at Monkey Wrench I also played “I Dreamed That Supermodel Adriana Lima Was An Amish Girl” and “Are We There Yet”; at Corner Door I played “Pizza Girl.” Extra special thanks to the Bard In Blue for buying CDs at both venues!

The Captain's Compendium

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