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Facebook Live Media Appearance

Project Zongo Telethon

Sun 10/06/19 Facebook Live Project Zongo telethon 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Three years ago, a law-student at Valparaiso University named Yusif Bandaogou asked Paul Schreiner to help him improve the lives of his community in the Zongos of Accra, Ghana (in West Africa). Yusif wanted to take his vision of a better life that he experienced in Valparaiso back to the Zongos by building three story, modern residences, with interior bathrooms and kitchens, each one being 550 square feet to displace the 175 square foot single rooms in which his family and neighbors had been occupying since the early 20th century. And so, Project Zongo was born.

Podcast Media Appearance

Nobody Listens To Paula Poundstone

Mon 05/13/19 “Nobody Listens To Paula Poundstone” Theme song contest entry! Segment starts at 7:40.
Valparaiso, IN Media Appearance

Community Radio “Art On The Air” Program

Fri 12/07/18 WVLP-LP “Art On The Air” Program 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Mon 12/10/18 WVLP-LP “Art On The Air” Program rebroadcast 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

In town at 103.1 FM or worldwide at

Blog Media Appearance

“Goin Jawa Rap”

Fri 08/24/18 The Pop Insider “Star Tunes: Five Lesser Known Star Wars Inspired Jams”
Chicago, IL Personal Appearance

“Uncle Fun: You’re The One” Documentary Screening

Chicago Filmmakers - 5720 N. Ridge Ave (enter from Hollywood) - $8.00
Sun 06/10/18 11:30 AM
Sun 06/10/18 2:00 PM
Sun 06/10/18 7:00 PM

I have an original song and some other music bits in this documentary by Laura Force Scruggs about the iconic late Chicago novelty and toy store and the magic man behind it, which everyone near Chicago should go see.

The running time is exactly one hour. There will also be a Q & A after each screening with Laura Force Scruggs, Uncle Fun, and Executive Producer and Sound Editor Jake Scruggs which will be recorded on their “Are You Famous, Yet?” podcast.

Chicago, IL Media Appearance

“The Midnight Special” with Rich Warren

Sat 04/14/18 WFMT’s “The Midnight Special” played “Heisenberg”
Three Oaks, MI Media Appearance

Acorn Theater Open Mic Night

Sun 02/04/18 Harbor County News Photo in “A Lighthearted Open Mic Night”
Podcast Media Appearance

Return to “Are You Famous, Yet?”

Mon 09/12/16 Are You Famous Yet? podcast, hour long interview with live performances

Event Video

Chicago, IL Media Appearance

“The Midnight Special” with Rich Warren

Sat 09/10/16 WFMT’s “The Midnight Special” played “You Can’t Sing, You’re Ugly, And The Sixties Are Over”
Murray, Iowa Media Appearance

Southern Iowa Community Radio!

Wed 12/02/15 KSOI Southern Iowa Community Radio Jeff Wells’ “Swing Time” played “Rebecca’s Reindeer-Snowflake Christmas Socks” and added both albums to rotation
South Bend, IN Media Appearance

The Thousand Mile Song on WNIT’s Michiana’s Rising Star

Thu 07/23/15 WNIT Public Television broadcast performance of “The Thousand Mile Song” on “Michiana’s Rising Star”

Footwear coordination with host Allison Hayes did not give me that extra edge this year, but hey – new live video of the Thousand Mile Song!

National Media Appearance

America’s Got Talent! (counter-example)

Tue 06/02/15 America’s Got Talent cameo in dance-off segment playing “Pump Up The Jam” solo on accordion just past the third commercial break
Wed 07/29/15 America’s Got Talent 10th Anniversary Special montage behind Piers Morgan saying “I quickly realized I would have absolutely no idea what was coming out next on stage,” about 54 minutes in
International Media Appearance

2014 Semi-Finalist (Comedy/Novelty)

Thu 03/05/15 International Songwriting Competition 2014 Semi-Finalist (Comedy/Novelty)