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Pittsburgh, PA
One-Man Show Tickets $15/$12
Pittsburgh Fringe / Artist Image Resources
518 Foreland St.
Fri 03/31/17
6:15 PM 
Sat 04/01/17
1:00 PM 
Sun 04/02/17
8:00 PM 
Pittsburgh In The Round
Sat 04/01/17 “Friday Fringe at AIR” review
Pittsburgh In The Round
Wed 04/05/17 “Unpredictable Treasure: The Fringe Fest Day 3” review

The musical true story of my glacial rise from obscurity to international obscurity! From the Dawn of my Downy youth, I struggled to get the songs inside outside. But when I gave up on a “normal” Win and Dashed Briskly to Gain a More Bold Biz Method, I Surfed a Tide of Joy! 2016 Elgin Fringe Festival Audience Favorite Award.

Elgin, Illinois
One-Man Show $10+$3 Fringe Button
Elgin Fringe Festival
15 Ziegler Court
Thu 09/15/16
9:00 PM 
Sat 09/17/16
6:00 PM 
Sun 09/18/16
4:30 PM 
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Wed 09/14/16 6:00 PM 
Elgin Fringe Festival – Blue Box Cafe Blimp raising followed by three minute previews at Martini’s
Sat 09/17/16 12:00 PM 
Elgin Fringe Festival – Blue Box Cafe Meet The Artist lunch with me and Madeline Hicks
Sat 09/17/16 2:00 PM 
Elgin Courier-News
Wed 09/07/16 “Elgin festival puts the Fringe front and center”
Daily Herald
Tue 09/13/16 “New acts, more artists add depth, variety to Elgin Fringe Festival”
The Elgin Review
Thu 09/15/16 Review
Elgin Courier-News
Sun 09/18/16 “Fringe Fest brings art, music, even burlesque to downtown Elgin”

The true musical story of Captain Ambivalent’s glacial rise from total obscurity to international obscurity. From the Dawn of his Downy youth, Dan struggled to get the songs inside his head outside. But when he gave up seeing “normal” as a Win and Dashed Briskly to Gain a More Bold Biz Method, he Surfed a Tide of Joy!

“…a real-life saga punctuated by recurring scenes of unrequited love, noisy neighbors, and a relentless flow of song ideas. Career biography, yes — but this show is all about the music!…You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh and wonder why.” – Elgin Review

Winner of the “Audience Favorite” Award!

Elgin, IL
One-Man Show $12 or $10 w/Fringe button
Side Street Studio Arts
15 Ziegler Ct
Fri 02/12/16
8:00 PM 
Daily Herald
Wed 02/03/16 “Celebrating Valentine’s Day through art, performance in Elgin”

Elgin Fringe Festival and Sidestreet Gallery presented a one-night-only show to complement their current gallery exhibition. It was a pleasure to share the packed house with Kelly Bolton and David Boyle.

Chicago, IL
One-Man Show $10
Chicago Solo Theatre at Chicago Dramatists
1105 W. Chicago
Sun 01/10/16
7:00 PM 

“It’s Personal,” Chicago Solo Theatre’s monthly show featuring the city’s best professional storytellers, is celebrating its third anniversary with a musical storyteller! (Yours truly.) “The Actual Origin of Captain Ambivalent.”