Sat 02/15/14
@ 8:00 PM Pirate Ninja Zombie CD Release Show with help from Bocca Musica 
Yes, my new album “Pirate Ninja Zombie” is so cool it created a rift in the space-time continuum allowing bawdy pirates*, ninjas, zombies, mad scientists, dinosaurs, Barbies, evil twins, and time travelers to invade the Front Porch stage. And we presented “Irv!”, a new musical based on the life of Irv Kaputnik, the inventor of dental floss.** And we may have set a record by having seven people at once on the Front Porch Stage.

*Time-traveling bawdy pirates (who after meeting the ninjas became zombies) bore a striking resemblance to Michigan Ren Fest favorites Bocca Musica who kept the bawdy PG-13 for this show.

**Irv Kaputnik is not actually the inventor of dental floss.

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