Sat 08/17/13
@ 10:00 AM Roving Entertainer 
Sun 08/18/13
@ 10:00 AM Roving Entertainer 
Magic words to any current or former D&D player! Yes, I made my debut as an official “Roving ET” (or, “wandering monster” to you old schoolers) Saturday and Sunday, at various times and places throughout the enormous convention center determined by rolling percentile dice and consulting the appropriate tables. It was hard work but so rewarding. I got to share my seldom played ultra-geekiest songs with folks that fully appreciated them. I discovered that “Call Me Maybe” has universal double-take appeal. And while I’ve seen people dance to “Laundry Night” before, I haven’t seen Rorschack, two demonesses, and a Power Ranger dance to “Laundry Night” before. It was a magical weekend.
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