Captain Ambivalent (aka Dan Biemer, pronounced “BEE-mur”) is a nerd-rock singer/songwriter/superhero, boldly battling market forces since 2005. His glacial rise from obscurity to international obscurity began at the Front Porch Music open mic in Valparaiso Indiana and has grown to include Doctor Demento, The Midnight Special, South Bend Public Television, PierogiFest, GenCon, one-man shows in alternative theaters, and even a brief cameo on America’s Got Talent. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about his musical back story in “How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Accordion.”

The Captain is available for concerts, one-man shows, variety lineups, open mic hosting, media, and private parties.

Upcoming Events

Thu 09/14
7:30 PM
Elgin, IL
One-Man Show - “The Dark Nut Rises” at Imago at Elgin Fringe Festival
$10+$3 Fringe button
Fri 09/15
7:30 PM
Elgin, IL
One-Man Show - “The Dark Nut Rises” at Imago at Elgin Fringe Festival
$10+$3 Fringe button
Sat 09/16
4:30 PM
Elgin, IL
One-Man Show - “The Dark Nut Rises” at Imago at Elgin Fringe Festival
$10+$3 Fringe button

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Past Events

Media Appearances

Hear the gang at “Are You Famous, Yet?” podcast explain why Captain Ambivalent was their favorite guest in their first fifty episodes (excerpted by permission from episode 51, which you can download here, and/or download the episode they’re talking about here.)

One-Man Shows

The Dark Nut Rises

The grim and gritty reboot of Captain Ambivalent! Suddenly the 2016 Audience Favorite Award winner awakens to find himself in an underground bunker controlled by an insane computer! Future, past, and present collide as he battles this alleged new political dystopia with original funny songs.

Laundry Night

The true musical story of Captain Ambivalent’s glacial rise from total obscurity to international obscurity. From the Dawn of his Downy youth, Dan struggled to get the songs inside his head outside. But when he gave up seeing “normal” as a Win and Dashed Briskly to Gain a More Bold Biz Method, he Surfed a Tide of Joy!

“…a real-life saga punctuated by recurring scenes of unrequited love, noisy neighbors, and a relentless flow of song ideas. Career biography, yes — but this show is all about the music!…You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh and wonder why.” – Elgin Review

Winner, Audience Favorite Award 2016 Elgin Fringe Festival
Winner, Best Portable Set Award 2017 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival

Pirate Ninja Zombie: The Not So Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent

An enthusiastic biographic one-man accordion rock opera! A Mysterious Codger from a future dimension tells the tale of Captain Ambivalent’s lifelong quest to become a hero of some kind, until on a night like tonight many years ago he played an accordion solo so awesome it shattered the space-time continuum and he was eaten by a dinosaur. Journey through romantic, corporate, and cultural ambivalence with original witty songs from the albums “Fear The Accordion” and “Pirate Ninja Zombie.” Also, my sister’s Barbies. And a mad scientist. And a dinosaur!

“…packed with wit…” – Jay Harvey Upstage
“…never lets up on the clever wordplay.” – NUVO
“…amazingly funny songs, wild costumes, and wonderfully cheesy props.” – Plays with John and Wendy


Long sets alone or on a bill with other artists.

Variety Lineups

Short sets in festival or variety show settings.

Open Mic Feature

Curated hosting or showcase appearances at otherwise open mics.


Captain Ambivalent performs solo in the proud tradition of Weird Al YankovicThey Might Be GiantsJonathan Coulton, and Calvin and Hobbes, half of which are actually duos. With this discrepancy in mind, his debut album, “Fear The Accordion” (2012), enlisted long-time collaborator Mark Frey of the 1990s Buffalo NY band “Riley” to help create a signature accordion, drum, and tuba based sound they thought about calling “oom-punk” but found it was too hard to say. His genre-defying second album, “Pirate Ninja Zombie” (2014), added touches of mariachi, bluegrass, easy listening, prog rock, hip-hop, old-time country, gospel, house, and even musical theatre. But the main focus is always the words. The 50th anniversary of GenCon will bring a 10 song EP of extra-geeky songs called “Save The Orcs” (2017).
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