Future Stuff From The Future

Fri 04/25/14 - Sat 4/26/14 Three Brothers Theatre, Waukegan IL

Lots of planets have a north, and Chicagoland’s is Waukegan! Can Three Brothers‘ local space-time continuum survive the revelation of the Not-So-Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent in all his past, present, future, and sideways incarnations, and his eternal battle with Irv Kaputnik, inventor of the fiendish accordion ray and also dental floss?
FRI 4/25 8:00 PM $10

SAT 4/26 8:00 PM $10

Wed 06/11/14 , Wed 7/30/14 Red Table Plaza Lunchtime Concert Series, South Bend IN

Free outdoor hour and a half shows sponsored by Downtown South Bend.

WED 6/11 11:45-1:15 FREE

WED 7/30 11:45-1:15 FREE

New Video: Everything from WNIT's Michiana's Rising Stars Finale 2013

Wed 04/09/14 Radio! KMUZ, Salem OR

I’m doing a call-in interview on Tara Hathaway’s “More Accordion!” program on community radio station KMUZ serving the Willamette Valley region of Oregon and yes they’re streaming! The show is 11:00-12:00 Pacific time, so 1:00-2:00 Central and I’ll be on about halfway through. Community Radio rocks!

Tue 04/01/14 New Video: "The Hero Song" live at the South Bend Tribune

The South Bend Tribune’s “Press Play” series features live music in front of their printing presses. I think this was a good choice for April Fool’s Day.

Open South Bend Tribune in new window

click image to open SBT in new window

New Album: Pirate Ninja Zombie

Now available! More…

Sat 02/15/14 Pirate Ninja Zombie CD Release Show at Front Porch Music

Yes, my new album “Pirate Ninja Zombie” is so cool it created a rift in the space-time continuum allowing bawdy pirates*, ninjas, zombies, mad scientists, dinosaurs, Barbies, evil twins, and time travelers to invade the Front Porch stage. And we presented “Irv!”, a new musical based on the life of Irv Kaputnik, the inventor of dental floss.** And we may have set a record by having seven people at once on the Front Porch Stage.

*Time-traveling bawdy pirates (who after meeting the ninjas became zombies) bore a striking resemblance to Michigan Ren Fest favorites Bocca Musica www.boccamusica.com who kept the bawdy PG-13 for this show.

**Irv Kaputnik is not actually the inventor of dental floss.
PNZ Poster Front Porch 2-15-14

New Video: Firehouse Variety Hour with Gordy Young, South Bend IN, Nov 2013

The first live video I’m aware of showing the costume that made its debut about a year ago. This was a fun show to a packed house. In Act 1, I did “Captain Ambivalent” and “The Thousand Mile Song.”

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