• Ambivalent Having simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person, or action
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New Video: Be Glad You're Not A Bone-Eating Snotworm (Awficial)

Official and Awesome? Official and Awful? OR BOTH AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, with no budget for video production, I went back in time 13 years to exploit my friends’ younger more foolish selves!



Thu 10/23/14 Hosting Pre-Halloween Open Mic at Front Porch Music

The week before Halloween! Help me decide what to be. Sign up at 7:00, I’ll play 7:30 to 8:00 then run sound for you.

THURS 10/23 7:00 PM $2.50 to play, $3.50 to listen


Sun 10/12/14 County Line Orchard, Hobart IN Photos

Played an hour set as part of a Front Porch Days weekend, in the loft overlooking the welcome barn floor packed with folks buying apples, cider, and donuts. And Chad and I got to use our PA powers for good helping two brave toddlers whose parents had gotten lost.

Photo by Chad Clifford

Photo by Chad Clifford

New Video: First Friday Open Mic, Michigan City IN

Thanks to Brennen Burleson for the “bootleg” videos. It was an “Oktoberfest meets Halloween” set of “Hey Carrie” and “B Movie Boogie.”

Sun 09/28/14 Oktoberfest on the Island, Chesterton IN

I played a part in Waterbird Banquet Center’s Oktoberfest at the beautiful island gazebo on a beautiful afternoon. No lederhosen were harmed.

Sat 09/27/14 Otherworld Theatre's Celestial Gala Benefit, Chicago IL

I provided a couple of strange interludes between presentations and a preview of Otherworld‘s next show, “Project Aurora”, at Gallery Bar Chicago.

Sun 08/31/14 Chicago Fringe Festival Annual Benefit

Chicago Fringe Festival had its second annual benefit at Fischman Liquors & Tavern: Fringe Central. I played from 7:00-8:00 before turning things over to a DJ. A hot night in every sense of the word!

Sun 08/24/14 Southern Shore Art Association, Michigan City IN

Added some flash to the “FLASHBACK: 1970’s” show in the Southern Shore Art Association gallery. Embrace the arts! Fan art video trailer by Carol Estes – wow!

Fri 08/22/14 SOLO Chicago Festival

Three Cat productions’ 2014 SOLO Chicago Festival runs August 13-23 at the Berger Park Coach House. I performed a condensed version of “Pirate Ninja Zombie: The Not-So-Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent” in a lineup with a dancer and a storyteller. The new extra-portable costume cart worked perfectly and Bernie the Dinosaur was a big hit!

New Song: My Little Brother Wants To Play (GenCon 2014)

Dedicated to all the NASCRAG judges. More…

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