• Ambivalent Having simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person, or action
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New Video: Be Glad You're Not A Bone-Eating Snotworm (Awficial)

Official and Awesome? Official and Awful? OR BOTH AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, with no budget for video production, I went back in time 13 years to exploit my friends’ younger more foolish selves!


Future Stuff From The Future

Sun 08/31/14 Chicago Fringe Festival Annual Benefit

Chicago Fringe Festival is having its second annual benefit at Fischman Liquors & Tavern. Fischman’s is THE SCENE: Fringe Central. We’ll be shutting down Central for the evening to support and celebrate our beloved Fringe. Come early to enjoy the accordion tunes of Captain Ambivalent (from 7:00 to 8:00 PM) and stay late for DJ tunes (from 8:00 to 11:00 PM), The evening not only provides a great opportunity to support Fringe, but also to mingle with staff and board members, 2014 artists, and Jefferson Park community members. All proceeds benefit the festival. Join us!

SUN 8/31 7:00 PM $25 at door; $20 in advance; $10 for 2014 volunteers in official T-shirts

Sun 08/24/14 Southern Shore Art Association, Michigan City IN

Added some flash to the “FLASHBACK: 1970’s” show in the Southern Shore Art Association gallery. Embrace the arts! Fan art video trailer by Carol Estes – wow!

Fri 08/22/14 SOLO Chicago Festival

Three Cat productions’ 2014 SOLO Chicago Festival runs August 13-23 at the Berger Park Coach House. I performed a condensed version of “Pirate Ninja Zombie: The Not-So-Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent” in a lineup with a dancer and a storyteller. The new extra-portable costume cart worked perfectly and Bernie the Dinosaur was a big hit!

New Song: My Little Brother Wants To Play (GenCon 2014)

Dedicated to all the NASCRAG judges. More…

New Song: Going Jawa Rap (GenCon 2014)

Unfortunately I didn’t see any Jawas this year. I promise to get an ep of Con Songs recorded soon! More…

Sat 08/16/14 - Sun 8/17/14 GEN CON !!! Photos

Back roaming the halls at the place where everybody “gets” the Miskatonic University Fight Song for a second year as an official roving entertainer, this time with an entry in the program book!

In the program!

In the program!

Everything was awesome!

Everything was awesome!

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