• Ambivalent Having simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person, or action
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Future Stuff From The Future

Wed 07/30/14 Red Table Plaza Lunchtime Concert Series, South Bend IN

Free outdoor hour and a half shows sponsored by Downtown South Bend.

WED 7/30 11:45-1:15 FREE

Thu 07/31/14 New Video: Eclipsed from WNIT's Michiana's Rising Stars Photos

Thanks to the mysterious time traveller known only as “The Captain”, I can bring you video and photos of this performance before it actually happens! But I encourage you to watch the full show and enjoy the amazing talent Michiana has to offer. Photos courtesy of producer Brenda Boyer.

7/31 8:00 PM Eastern WNIT Michiana Public Television South Bend, IN


Sun 08/03/14 Front Porch Music Festival, Valparaiso IN

Last year’s festival in Central Park was one of the more perfect summer Sunday evenings ever – and we’re going to do it again! Hear the best of students and teachers at Front Porch Music and me.

Live in Central Park!

Live in Central Park!

Head Honchos Band (Blues and Rock) 9:25-10:00
The Crawpuppies (Original and Cover Rock) 8:50-9:25
The Unit (Funk and Rock Cover) 8:15-8:50
The Planetary Blues Band (Blues) 7:40-8:15
Rito (Original Rock) 7:05-7:40
The Day Nine (Rock) 6:35-7:05
Kaleidoscope Eyes (Rock) 6:05-6:35
Flintlock (Bluegrass) 5:35-6:05
Captain Ambivalent (Accordion) 5:20-5:35
Mami Matsuda Music (Singer / Songwriter) 5:05-5:20
Beth Newman (Singer / Songwriter) 4:50-5:05
The Oscars (Jazz) 4:35-4:50
Taylor Fleming and Devin Whitten (Folk) 4:20-4:35
Garage Band Students 3:00-4:20

SUN 8/3 3:00-10:00 PM $15

Fri 08/08/14 Are We There Yet? WNIT's Michiana's Rising Stars Finale

Once again I didn’t advance in the contest but will be comic relief in the finale.

8/8 8:00 PM Eastern WNIT Michiana Public Television South Bend, IN

Sat 08/09/14 Renee Ohrn Memorial Foundation Benefit in Miller Beach, IN

The Fearless Festival honors Renee Ohrn‘s birthday and raises money for burn survivors with a variety of live music, food, and beach events at the Chanute Aquatorium.

SAT 8/9 3:00-11:00 (I’m playing around 4:00) $15

Sat 08/16/14 - Sun 8/17/14 GEN CON !!!

Back roaming the halls at the place where everybody “gets” the Miskatonic University Fight Song for a second year as an official roving entertainer, this time with an entry in the program book!

Going for critical hits!

Going for critical hits!

SAT 8/16-SUN 8/17 Register here.

Sun 08/24/14 Southern Shore Art Association, Michigan City IN

Adding some flash to the “FLASHBACK: 1970’s” show in the Southern Shore Art Association gallery. Embrace the arts!

SUN 8/24 1:30 PM

Sat 07/26/14 PierogiFest! Whiting IN Photos

I got stuffed with fun following the polka contest and Halupky cook off on PierogiFest‘s Sheridan Polka Stage! Kids were dancing in the street and Bernie the Dinosaur didn’t eat *too* many of them. Pierogi Fest fans may like polka, but they absolutely *love* weird!

Photo by Scott Trost

Photo by Scott Trost – MANCOW TV at 2:16

Mon 07/07/14 Podcast: Are You Famous, Yet?

Bryn Packard and Jake Scruggs are friends but one of them moved to New York to become an actor. On a weekly basis they discuss the trials and tribulations of an aspiring New York actor or trying to make a living as an artist anywhere – and I was their guest!

Program notes and download or stream below:

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